Queen Sugar Episode 12 Recap: In Limbo

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We open this week with Ralph Angel trying to get in touch with Charley, who's ignoring his calls because she's too busy with Remy checking out an old cane mill that she wants to fix up. Remy asks her how she would be able to afford the $9 million property, and she tells him that she's trying to get the owner of the New Orleans stingers to invest. But Remy finally decides it's been enough business between them, and offers to continue their conversation later — over dinner and wine. But it turns out that as I suspected, the NOLA team owner isn't exactly a potential investor, but someone she's hoping will sign Davis — perhaps to get a bigger cut from her divorce? The owner is skeptical that Charley still has pull, but tells her the only way he'll consider Davis is if he comes as a package deal with his teammate, Felix, whom he's meeting with the next day. Charley immediately calls up Felix's wife — and old "friend" — to meet her for a drink while they're in town. But while they're at drinks, homegirl realizes she forgot about her dinner plans with Remy; the poor guy is standing outside her door with flowers and a suit, looking crushed when she answers the phone to tell him she's not coming. She's not worried about it, though. Charley is too busy blackmailing Felix's wife. That's right: she tells her that if she doesn't convince Felix to play in New Orleans with Davis, she'll release the tape of Melina admitting what really went down with the team that night to the media. Excuse my French, but ah, shit. The old, scheming Charley is back. So much so that she even lies on her own son. That's right: Micah is actually doing really well, making new friends, even making things official with his new girlfriend Keke. But when Davis texts her to say he hasn't heard from Micah, she calls him and says to him Micah's been acting up — and Davis needs to come down to see them ASAP. Where is this going? On to Violet, who drops by the farm with food for Hollywood when she sees his truck is out front. But when she learns that he's been back an entire week (from big mouth Ralph Angel) without letting her know he's back, she then tosses the mac-and-cheese in the trash (my heart!) and storms off. As she drives away, Ralph Angel asks Hollywood if he got his divorce papers yet. Aha: Looks like he was trying to make sure matters were completely settled before he got back with Violet. It didn't work though, and in the midst of a bad mood back at the High Yellow, Violet takes up Roberta's offer to come out dancing with her friends later at the local juke.
Photo: Courtesy of OWN.
Violet begins to loosen up that night and enjoys herself, dancing with a guy who clearly has a little crush on her. And then in walks Hollywood, seeing a happy-and-smiling Violet getting her groove back. The look on Hollywood's face was pretty heartbreaking; I was grateful to Ralph for holding him back from doing anything stupid. But later, we see him pack up his stuff, telling Ralph Angel that he's going to back down to work at the oil rigs — and will probably stay there permanently, since there's nothing left for him here. (Of course, I cried No, don't go, Hollywood!) As he drove away, I held on to hope that Violet might roll up to the house, but nope. Hollywood is gone...for good, and Ralph looks pretty sad. But not for long: Later that night after his uncle is gone and Blue is asleep, Ralph Angel and Darla decide to take advantage of the empty house. Mmmhmm. Now, our update on Nova: She's still on the Too Sweet case. She goes to visit the public defender to ask why he hasn't received any updates on his case. He's stuck in limbo! The defender lets her know his hands are tied. "We don't have the money or the manpower to move faster. It's like purgatory — for all of us." Real talk for many cities, I assume. Next she's on stage with Melissa Harris-Perry for a panel, talking about her work as a journalist, when she spots Calvin in the audience (who's still looking fine as ever, by the way). MHP asks Nova to reflect on the relationship between the Black Lives Matter movement and law enforcement, and Calvin leans in here to hear her answer; so do we. She locks eyes with Calvin and says that while law enforcement in this country is largely anti-Black, she wants to work hand-in-hand with the brave men and women on the force who agree with her that positive work can be done...because "they do exist." Calvin calls her after, and she gets the "yesss my boo is calling me" smile on her face. He then lets her know that he got the charges against Too Sweet dropped, for which she's grateful — but she tells him they can't keep falling back together again because, hello: He's married. And then he drops the bomb: He left his wife. (!) Does this mean these two will end up together?! We'll find out in the finale — next episode! (Cue tears.) But before then, I have two sugar shoutouts for this week: 1. To the music supervisors for creating a realistic turn up situation at the juke joint, set to Jade's "Don't Walk Away." There are certain songs that are staples at parties like that, and this is one of them. 2. To the writers for subtly pointing out that Nova is a Delta when Melissa Harris-Perry — a member of Delta Sigma Theta in real life — called her a soror. We don't see Black Greek life represented on TV that often, so to see it both here and in Insecure this season were like small — and necessary! — gifts. I've been saying it all season, but these were both just two more signs that this show was created for black folks, by black folks.

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