Queen Sugar Episode 6 Recap: The End Of The Beginning

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We're halfway through season 1 (can you believe it?!) and things kick off with Nova doing a local radio show about her article with a Black Lives Matter activist named Chantal Williams. But instead of the radio hosts focusing on Nova and Chantal's commentary on Black men and incarceration, they bombard Nova with questions about Davis and Charley, who's at home with Aunt Violet listening. Charley is outraged when Nova answers a question about Davis's accused by calling her the victim — basically insinuating that Davis is guilty. While we're waiting for a sisterly confrontation to pop off, however, first we see Nova and Chantal share a moment — of the romantic variety. And intimate conversation and some close physical and eye contact tip us off that a romance could be brewing here. So much for the hot police officer. Ralph Angel, meanwhile, tells his co-worker, Melvin, that they're even now; he sold a few phones, got his money, and is good to go. But Melvin isn't through with Ralph Angel yet — he tells Ralph they're going to start stashing some goods at his farm. Ralph Angel declines, but Melvin makes it clear: He doesn't have a choice, and the next day we see some boxed up iPhones in the farm's tool shed. Nova isn't the only one with romance brewing. The late Ernest's good friend and fellow farmer Remy is still dead set on helping Charley out, offering up his design for seed cane and setting up a dinner with her and old man Prosper in an attempt to convince the old man to get over his reluctance and officially sign up to help the Bordelon's with their farm. But it's clear Remy has stars in his eyes for Charley, and she isn't exactly fending off his advances. And when Davis and Micah arrive back in town and Davis and Remy meet, it's clear Davis noticed the chemistry between his wife and this man. (Especially when Charley throws out there that in addition to being a farmer, Remy is also an engineer and professor. Take that, Davis.) The sisters finally go head-to-head over Nova's radio interview. Unfortunately, it's right as Prosper arrives for dinner; not exactly the best way to get him on their side. But despite the drama, Prosper agrees to help them as long as they promise to come together like their father Ernest would have wanted. The family gets to work on the farm, including Nova and Charley, who Remy admits he's surprised to see doing some physical work because of her bougie basketball wife status. Nova is still fighting to get Too Sweet out of prison, but even with him in there, she knows he's not safe. But she also ends up fighting Davis, who for some crazy reason decides it's a good idea to say that as a Black man in the middle of a "witch hunt," he understands what the Black men she wrote about in her article are going through. Nova, of course, ain't havin' it. She reminds Davis that he flew there on a private jet, has a driver, and access to the best lawyers — privilege, which the city kids she's fighting for do not. She gets so worked up that she makes a dangerous move: After their fight, she borrows $10,000 from the farm's account to bail Too Sweet out of jail. I have a feeling Ralph Angel and Charley won't be too happy about that. Melvin is still trying to use Ralph Angel's farm to stash stolen merchandise, but Ralph Angel stands up to him again and tells him he doesn't want any part of this. After a fight ensues, Ralph's boss lays him off. Later that night, though, we see that Melvin tries to get revenge when the cops show up at the farm with a warrant to search the property for stolen goods. Oh, no. I held my breath and clutched my pearls waiting for the officers to find the boxed up iPhones in the shed, envisioning a
poor innocent little Blue fatherless. But a miracle happens: There are no boxes, and the po-po leave. And then we get a shot of Ralph's fairy godmother: Violet. Always observant, she figured out what Ralph was up to and tells him not to worry, because no one will ever find anything. "It's at the bottom of the bayou," she tells him, with a look that says "you better not even think about doing anything like that ever again." Aren't we all grateful for fix-it Aunt Violets in our families? Episode 6 ends with the climax we've all been waiting for. Davis and Charley sit down with Melina, his accuser, to give her a $3 million payoff. During her statement to Davis, Melina drops a bomb: That she's known him for three years and considers him a friend, and that after he left the night of the assault, his teammates had told her he'd said they could "have a go at her" because he'd already paid. And then, they proceeded to rape her. When Davis tries to deny it, Melina plays a recorded phone call — in front of Charley — of a conversation where Davis calls her baby, and says "you know what it is, I can bang any bitch on the road, but I pay you to keep your mouth shut...I pay you to do shit my wife won't do, understand? Now stop coming after me and my family." Whew! Chile. I don't know how Charley held herself back from beating that man senseless, because I wanted to jump through the screen myself. Instead, she storms out. When Davis runs after him, she tells him that he's a monster — and that he's turned her into a monster, too. And then we end with two words from Charley: We're over. But will Charley and Micah ever really be able to start fresh? Can Ralph Angel, and even Nova? Here's hoping we'll get some answers in the second half of this season. See you next week!

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