Queen Sugar Episode 11 Recap: Sweet Love

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We're heading into the homestretch of our first full season of Queen Sugar. After last night, there's only two episodes left! Here's what's going on with each of our characters this week:

The farm (yes, the farm is its own character):
Now knowing the history of their farm, the Bordelon kids are faced with a tough decision: Grind their sugar cane at one of the three local mills owned by the Landrys/Boudreauxs, or lease trucks to take their cane to and from a mill 16 hours away. After some deliberating, Remy tells him he thinks the latter plan just might work. But to make everything happen, the siblings need to take out a huge loan. Their loan advisors tell them that in a good year, they stand to make up to $4 million from the farm. But their joy is interrupted by a visit from one of the Boudreaux brothers; when Charley and Ralph kindly let him know that they ain't selling, Boudreaux wastes no time making threats — and informing them that they got a hold of their application for a bank loan, and it's been denied. That son of a....!

Ralph Angel:
Blue tells his mom, Darla, that he's been getting bullied at school, and she teaches him how to fight back on a teddy bear. When she drops him off at school, she tells Ms. Velez that her son has been getting picked on. But here, Ms. Velez throws a little shade: "I didn't know that Ralph Angel got a babysitter," she says. "I'm his mom." Darla quickly lets her know, giving Ms. Velez her phone number to contact her about anything involving Blue. She ends up having to call her pretty quickly when Blue gets into a fight with the kid that was teasing him. The other kids' parents make a comment that maybe if Blue played with regular toys instead of Barbies, he would "act right." Ms. Velez steps in to tell the parents that both bullying and violence are not tolerated and if it happens from either kid again, they'll be suspended. An angry Ralph Angel walks Darla out with his hand on her back, and I can tell Ms. Velez is a little disappointed. I am, too; I thought she and Ralph would make an adorable couple!

Our first shot of Charley is her watching ESPN; Davis has announced he's now a free agent. But now, Charley is, too. She reveals to her siblings — and Remy — that she's officially filed for divorce. Once alone, her and Remy share a passionate kiss to celebrate their freedom. But the celebration doesn't last long: Micah walks in and sees their embrace. "How could you move on so fast?" he asks his mom. "Did you ever love Dad, or was it all just for show?" I kind of want to tell him to be quiet and stay outta grown folks' business, but I understand why that was probably hard for him to see. Charley goes to Nova's house to share her guilt over what Micah just saw, and I'm relieved to see these two are starting to heal the longtime wounds that have hindered their sisterhood. It's here that Charley drops a bombshell: She's never been with any other man than Davis (!) which is adding to her guilt about moving on. Nova offers her help; I thought it was going to be a remedy of the herbal variety, but instead she lays hands on Charley, evoking Oshun to help liberate her sister. Charley, of course, can't focus and tries to make jokes. But she finally gives in to the process when Nova chants, "Charley, be free from pain, from fear, from regret, from guilt, and from heartbreak." Charley exhales. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we just saw traditional African healing on a television show? That is major. (And also had me wondering where I can find my own Nova here in New York.) And then, just when we think Charley's finally putting her past with Davis behind her, she heads to the welcome luncheon for parents at Micah's new school — and slides on her wedding ring before leaving the house. At the luncheon, she hobnobs with the owner of New Orleans' NBA team and tries to convince him to make Davis (now a free agent), an offer. I'm surprised at first, but when Charley tells him she is the CEO of Davis West, I begin to suspect that she's trying to make sure she can get the most money she can for Davis — which now that there's a divorce proceeding happening means more money for her and the farm, especially since that much-needed bank loan was denied.

Too Sweet is out of jail and back home; Nova offers that he can stay with her and reminds him that no matter what happens with his trial, she's going to help him beat his charges. She's taken on a motherly role in this episode; in addition to guiding Too Sweet, she also tells her nephew Micah he needs to take it easy on his mom. "As you get older, you'll start to realize your parents are people, too." Preach, Nova. Isn't that one of the craziest parts of growing up?

Violet is not playing games when it comes to her new role as manager at the High Yellow diner. She's decided that in order for them to make more money, they should have liquor and make the diner a "turn up spot" for the weekends. She hosts an official re-opening for the new-and-improved diner and noticeably absent is Hollywood, who's apparently working down at the rig (fingers crossed that we'll see him next week). The event makes some sweet moments happen for her loved ones: Micah sees Remy ask his mom to dance, and he sweetly gives her a gentle nod and mouths the word "go" (even though I was silently like, let's be clear, little one: Mama don't need your permission!). The episode ends with Ralph Angel and Darla sharing their own sweet dance. Things are clearly rekindling between these two, and even though at first, I was against it (#TeamMsVelez), seeing the way their love story has survived heartbreak and betrayal and is now on a path to forgiveness warms my heart. A little. I've still got one eye on you, Darla.
Photo: Courtesy of OWN.
Until next week, QS fans!

Favorite moment of the episode:
When Micah ignores his mom in front of Aunt Violet and she asks Charley what's going on, she tells her: "He's giving me the silent treatment." Violet's response? "He needs to get the ass whooping treatment." That is literally THE most auntie response EVER. Aunt Violet for president, 2020, anyone?!

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