Hear Me Out: Love Coupons Are The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

'Twas the night before Christmas... and oh dear God, I forgot to order a gift for the best person in my social pod
Look, it happens. One minute, it’s October and you’ve got months to buy your SO the holiday present of their dreams. The next, you glance down at the calendar (a cruel mistress if I’ve ever known one) and realize time is almost up. This situation may call for a homemade “love coupon.” 
Homemade coupons have a reputation for being a little cheesy, but they can be really romantic and touching when executed thoughtfully, says Giuliana LaMantia, founder of Serif and Spice, a custom card and graphic design service company. 
She suggests a few strategies that instantly elevate your love coupons from acceptable last-minute gift to the best present you'll give your boo this year. First, don't give IOUs for activities you won't be able to do until post-pandemic, like travel. “It’s best to go with experiences that you could create right now and do at any time,” LaMantia says. “That way, they can cash it in spontaneously.” Second, don't write a coupon for something you really don't want to actually do. (Example: “Good For One Time When I’ll Admit I’m Wrong.” Mid-argument, you may feel differently.) Third, stick to things you don't already do all the time. “Good For One Free Cuddle” isn't going to feel super-special if you're always loved-up. And fourth, get specific. “The more personalized the better,” LaMantia says. “The key is to make them feel special and meaningful.” 
Swipe through for some examples of truly excellent love coupons. Print these out, or get creative and make you own. Happy gifting!

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