So Maybe Gigi Hadid Shouldn’t Have Hosted The AMAs?

Poor Gigi Hadid. We were a little confused as to how she was selected to helm the American Music Awards, considering she hasn't done much hosting before. And Twitter's reaction to her opening monologue with co-host Jay Pharoah only made us question the decision further. Because homegirl fumbled...a lot. After stumbling through some initial lines (and greeting a girl no one could see named Rachel in a "sparkly dress"), her first joke: "Don't worry guys, tonight we do not have to deal with the electoral college." It landed with a thud.
She then threw a little shade at Meek Mill by pointing out that while Drake earned 13 AMA nominations this year, Meek had none. (Isn't the Drake vs. Meek beef so early 2015?)
If that wasn't cringe-worthy enough, Hadid then tried out a Melania Trump impersonation. Yes, she went there. It was so awkward, the audience barely reacted.
Twitter wasted no time going in on the model.
Co-host Jay Pharoah wasn't exactly a hit, either, but his comedic chops helped them out a little...just a little. I'm going to blame this one on the writers. Hadid is young and has no experience hosting a major broadcast like this; it's not her fault! Here's hoping she'll get a bit of practice before the next one.

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