You’re Not The Only One Doing Strange Things To Get Ready For Dates

If movies are any indication, you might think the time we spend preparing for first dates consists merely of getting dressed, doing our hair, and all that supposedly "normal" stuff. But the internet knows better than that. Using the hashtag #BeforeAFirstDate, people are confessing all the unconventional behavior they engage in to prepare for that first meeting. Turns out, if you practice poses in the mirror, you're not alone.
Nor are you the only one that's suffered from a date-induced panic attack (though frequent ones may be a reason to get checked for clinical anxiety).
Some people have a screening process in place to avoid sitting through painful conversations.
Others brainstorm conversation strategies in advance to steer the date in the right direction.
And some got really specific.
A celeb even chimed in to provide some very valuable pre-date nuggets of wisdom.
And others suggested useful mantras.
Then, there were those who were just extremely practical, because sometimes, nerves can lead you to neglect your most basic responsibilities.
You can pretty much rest assured that whatever makes you feel more comfortable walking into that bar or café is probably fine. Just try not to disturb your neighbors.

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