Kristen Wiig & The SNL Cast Nailed The Mannequin Challenge

Before you start sounding off on how the Mannequin Challenge is played out, consider this: Isn't it still a terrific excuse for old friends to reunite and stay perfectly still?

First we got a Destiny's Child reunion out of it. Now Kristen Wiig has returned to the Saturday Night Live fold to host this week's show and lead her former castmates in a frozen face-off. It's just like old times.

A new video released by NBC shows the SNL crew doing their best to not break their poses. Aidy Bryant gets props for holding her gum mid-bubble. Pete Davidson's chair somehow doesn't fall back. Kate McKinnon's alien abduction character doesn't budge. Leslie Jones, fittingly, freezes while taking a selfie. Then she wanders over to berate Wiig and the rest of the cast for not moving a muscle.

"Why y'all still still like this?" Jones demands.

Trust her to steal the show. And trust us to expect a full-on Ghostbusters tribute on Saturday night.
Video: Courtesy of NBC.

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