This Mug Will Brew Your Coffee DURING Your Morning Commute

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
If we had it our way, we'd snap our fingers and — poof! — a cup of coffee would appear. Well, we're one step closer to achieving this dream. According to Real Simple, a new travel mug called the AnyCafé can brew your Joe on the go. The AnyCafe, like many bizarre tech contraptions, is a child of Kickstarter. The cup is essentially a mini Keurig coffee machine. It accepts any packaged pod, which means the AnyCafé isn't just for coffee on the run. You can make Campbell's soup, hot cocoa, or even cold medicine with the travel mug. The unassuming little thermos provides everything you need on a rainy day (with the notable exceptions of a good book and a velvet couch). The machine has 28 days to meet its goal on Kickstarter, so it's not available for purchase just yet. The Keurig machine itself was a pivotal moment for culinary efficiency. Its massive success has inspired a 10-minute cookie machine, the Bartesian cocktail machine, and a $700 high-tech juicer. Of all these splinter innovations, the AnyCafé has us the most excited. It's the type of gizmo that we dream about on our morning commutes. Like, what if instead of stopping at the deli, we could just produce coffee with our bare hands? Like with anything Keurig-related, the convenience of the AnyCafé comes at the cost of the environment. The plastic pods are wasteful, which is something to keep in mind as you enjoy your brewed-in-the-mug cup. (You can always use a recyclable K-cup, but the reusable pods aren't all they're cracked up to be, either.) For anyone listening: Next, we'd like a travel coffee cup that files our taxes, please! If possible, before April 15. Much obliged.

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