You Can Now Make Campbell’s Soup In Your Keurig Machine

Photo: Courtesy of Campbell's.
Sure, brewing coffee in a Keurig machine speeds up your morning routine, but what if you could prepare an entire meal in that same amount of time? Campbell's wants you to do just that with its latest product — Campbell's Soup Keurig pods. Fastest soup prep ever. The new pods have been dubbed Campbell's Fresh-Brewed Soup. So far, they come in two different flavors: Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup Mix and Southwest Style Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup Mix. Our first question was, "How does all of this work with the noodles and veggies? Do those have to pass through our trusty Keurig machine, too?!" But Campbell's includes an extra packet separate from the broth that contains the noodles. So you pour the "stuff" packet into a mug and then pop in the pod and the broth pours over top, straight from the Keurig. Sort of like instant ramen, except you don't have to take the time to boil water, because the Keurig creates the hot broth for you. The new soups are available in grocery stores, on Amazon, and the Keurig website. While we aren't so keen on the waste that K-cups produce, we're also suckers for convenience in the kitchen, so we're torn on this one. We're not going to lie, soup in two seconds when we're super pressed for time does sound tempting.

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