This 10-Minute Cookie Machine Is Going To Be A Baked Good Game Changer

It's hard to beat freshly baked cookies, but really who has time for the whole "made from scratch" thing? That's why I usually just reach for a tube of dough or those break and bakes. Sure, there are rare occasions when I'm feeling especially confident in my culinary abilities, and I venture down the path of making my own dough. But, let's be honest, most of the time I burn out fairly quickly and just take a spoon to the butter, sugar, vanilla mixture and call it a day. If you identify with any of this, don't worry because now there's a better way. The folks at SideChef, an step-by-step cooking app, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest cooking technology. It's called CHiP, and it looks like it's the smart baking device we've all been waiting for. With help from CHiP, you can have perfectly baked cookies in just 10 minutes. The dough comes to you in pod form, kind of like the kinds used in a Keurig coffee machine. There's no preheating, no mixing, and no cleanup. CHiP also has smart technology so you can connect it with your phone for notifications on your baking progress and easily order more dough. You can even send a CookieGram, a video or text to fellow users once your cookies are done baking. This is all pretty cool, but let's talk about the really important stuff: What kinds of cookies come in the CHiP pods? SideChef has got you covered on this front. There are over 25 flavors of dough, and they go beyond just cookies; you can order pods for breakfast bars and special diet treats for your vegan and gluten-free friends. And CHiP even has a manual mode, so if you do love to whip up your own dough, the machine will bake those bad boys right up too. There are still 28 days left in the campaign, so you still have some time to help make CHiP happen. It's sure to be a cookie lover's dream come true.

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