The Genius New Way To Take Cold Meds

Photo: Courtesy of CVS.
One of the worst parts about getting sick is the medicine you have to take to feel better. Don't get us wrong — if it means banishing the symptoms of a nasty cold, we'll take what we can get. But most of the time, our options are limited to swallowing intimidatingly large pills that take forever to kick in, or downing "cherry-flavored" syrups that leave an unappealing aftertaste. Enter the new cold-and-flu medicine from CVS; it's packaged into single serve pods. They work just like your regular single-serve cups, so just brew them in your Keurig machine. The actual medicine isn't new, of course, and similar products — like these packets from Theraflu — exist. But when you're dealing with throbbing sinus pain and a constant cough, even the need to heat water and stir can seem overwhelming. "The creation of this product started with a casual conversation where CVS Pharmacy’s innovation team was wondering if there was something new that could be done with single serve cups," the company said in a press announcement. "The team started looking at medicines delivered via hot liquid and realized a therapeutic cold/flu medicine would be a new, innovative way of bringing relief to customers." The new pods are available now in CVS stores nationwide for $9.99 per package, so you have plenty of time to stock up before cold and flu season starts. We can't guarantee they'll taste the way your coffee does, but we'll take a soothing, hot brew over a cold syrup any day.

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