51 New Emoji Are Coming, Including Some Steamy Ones

Photographed by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez.
When you think of Finland, do you think of fuzzy sweaters and maybe reindeer? Do you think of a naked person in a sauna? Probably not. But that is precisely what Finland would like you to conjure up — and there's a new emoji to reflect that.
Yes, there are now emoji of tiny naked people relaxing in a sauna to represent Finland. And wooly socks, of course. See them, below, in all their adorable glory.
On Thursday, the Unicode Consortium approved 51 new playful images for emoji keyboards. The secretive Silicon Valley group said it received more than 150 applications for new emoji to be included in Unicode 10, the latest version of the character set, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Other newly approved emoji include a woman wearing a hijab, a genderless person, and someone sitting in the lotus position.
Unicode is an international coding standard for use with different languages and scripts that standardizes letters, digits, and symbols across different platforms and programs. It is ultimately up to smartphone companies to add these emoji to their updates, so there's no guarantee you'll get one of someone in a sauna with the next round of bug patches, sorry!

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