The Difference Between Watching Harry Potter As A Kid & As An Adult

In today's news to remind you that you're old, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone came out 15 years ago. A lot has changed for the film's stars since the first HP film hit theaters. Daniel Radcliffe has become a Broadway regular. Tom Felton is appearing in an American superhero series. And Emma Watson is playing a bookish rebel falling for a questionable guy (well, I guess not everything has changed).
If you've re-watched the 2001 film recently, you probably noticed that while the magical tale still holds up, it seems like a very different movie than the one you enjoyed as a kid. Suddenly you're less enthralled by the adventure of three young wizards and more concerned that no one seems to be watching the kids. Harry Potter marathons are still a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but Harry's escapades just raise a lot more questions when you're watching them in the apartment you pay rent for.
Click through to see how the takeaways you get from the story of the Boy Who Lived changes when you watch it through adult eyes.

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