Warm Running Gear That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Runners are a superstitious bunch. Aside from their pre-race rituals, the one thing many runners are super particular about is their gear. If you run, whether you're a recreational runner or a race demon, you know what we're talking about. There's something about your favorite pair of leggings — or even better, that one full running outfit that perfectly matches your shoes — that can boost your confidence and help you feel ready to run for miles and miles.
Winter workouts, however, can complicate things. Not only are you working with fewer hours of daylight (making night runs — and, therefore, reflective gear — more necessary), but you've also got to hit just the right amount of warmth, which is tricky.
Luckily, there is plenty of super cute cold-weather running gear out there. There's so much, in fact, that we felt the need to curate a list of the warmest, cutest gear that can help keep you from skipping your training runs as the temperature begins to drop.
Before we get started, though, know the principles of layering for a workout: First, you're going to get warmer on your run, so start out a little colder than comfortable. Or, add about 20 degrees to the temperature outside to calculate your "running temperature" and dress for that instead. And, if it's gusty out, don't forget to add a light, wind-resistant jacket to your outfit. Otherwise, the cold will cut right through your insulation — especially if you're also sweaty.
Got it? Good. Now, click through for a few items that'll keep you comfy and cozy as you brave the cold. You will love running in this stuff.

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