Canadians' Message To Lena Dunham: Stay Out

Photo: J. Kempin/Getty Images.
Throughout the unprecedentedly brutal presidential campaign, people swore to do a lot of things if their candidate of choice didn't win. Many Americans, for example, pledged to move to Canada should Donald Trump win the presidency. Now that he's done so, we're left wondering whether any of these people — including a lot of celebrities — will actually follow through on that promise.

But some Canadians are sending a loud and clear message to those would-be immigrants: Stay where you are. (Come on, how are we supposed to resist the allure of Justin Trudeau?) As Heat Street points out, though, one famous American is bearing the brunt of backlash from Canadians: Lena Dunham.
The outspoken actress and author indeed said she'd relocate north of the border if Trump won. She hasn't said anything about that since Tuesday night's news, but some Canadians are already trying to discourage a potential flood of American immigrants — including celebrities like Dunham. "Only one problem with all these crazy liberals and celebrities wanting to move to Canada now...we don't want you," one person tweeted. Some are joking about a border wall between the U.S. and Canada, while others, including news outlets, are telling Americans that it's harder to emigrate to Canada than they may think.
Dunham in particular is receiving a lot of explicit warnings from Canadians to stay out of their country. There are loads of negative sentiments being tweeted at and about the Girls creator, some too nasty to include here. "Canada doesn’t even want you dude," reads one of the tamer tweets. "I honestly don't mind if Americans come to Canada for refuge, as long as they don't bring Lena Dunham with them," someone else wrote.
Here's the deal: Who knows if Dunham (or any other A-lister) was speaking rhetorically about moving to Canada if Trump became president. But with tensions running high and divisiveness plaguing the country, the last thing we need is the upper-half of North America adding to the contentious atmosphere. So please: Leave Lena out of it.

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