Girls Regrets? Lena Dunham Has A Few

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
As Girls comes to a close and Lena Dunham looks back on the show, she admits she has a few regrets. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dunham talked about some of the storylines she wished she never wrote. This includes some of the early Jessa episodes. ”There's some stuff we did with Jessa in the first season when we were still finding her that was a little too, like she was a little too soulless,“ Dunham said. The Girls creator and star said she specifically would change the fifth episode of the first season where Jess has revenge sex with her ex-boyfriend. “There was something about that that doesn't ultimately speak to who that character really was," Dunham explained, adding that they wanted to find a way to write a character who was "confident but had this dark side." But, that episode just made her seem kind of mean. "That's not something I watch with joy,” Dunham admitted. Still, the one of Dunham's least favorite storylines was when Hannah got a job writing advertorial for GQ. “It was kind of weird to act in that office all day, it was like. ‘Where are we?’ It just wasn't the world of the show,” she said. “Doing that story, even if it was part of Hannah's growth, and we needed it, it just felt outside of her world." Expect the final season of Girls, set to air on HBO in 2017, to feel very of this world. But maybe don't expect a happy ending for Adam and Hannah. And maybe don't read into those photos that leaked from set. "When people are like, 'I hope Hannah and Adam end up together, they're such a perfect couple,' I worry that I've like glorified the relationships that destroyed me in my early 20s," Dunham said at a panel in New York City. "Not properly projected to you."

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