32 Gifts For Every Type Of Fit Freak In Your Life

Like everyone else these days, you probably keep in touch with your best friends (near and far) via their social-media feeds. You likely have at least one foodie friend who posts pictures of every amazing meal she eats, the buddy who always seems to be traveling to some exotic location, and maybe even one who’s a new mom (and has a page full of stupidly cute baby pics, just in case you forgot).
Then, there’s your fit friend. She’s the one who posts Instagram pics of headstands on the beach and/or those post-run sweaty selfies. If anyone else posted these kinds of things, it would be sort of annoying, but because you love her, it’s okay when she does it. It’s motivating, even.
We’re talking about that person in your life who spends their weekends training for triathlons, while your idea of a marathon maybe involves Netflix, your couch, and the latest hit show. The only thing more challenging than trying to keep up with this friend, the "fit freak," we'll call her, is figuring out what the heck to get her (or him, perhaps) for the holidays.
Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the perfect presents for your exercise-obsessed friend, sibling, partner, or coworker whose name you picked for a gift exchange. Whether they’re a yogi, runner, class-junkie, gym rat, triathloner, or outdoorsy type, here are the best gifts for every type of active person in your life. And if you're the fit freak? Feel free to pick something up for yourself, of course — or maybe just use this list as a way to drop a few hints.