This Is The Political Statement We Need To Be Making

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It's easy to say how hard, or exhausting, or grueling, or painful, this election cycle has been. But it's much more difficult today for us to look at each other and say, as our Facebook team so succinctly put it, "however you feel today is okay."
But that's exactly what we need more of. Now that the ballots have been cast and a decision made, the words we've heard from Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Trump himself have been about unity. Which seems an impossible task after the vitriol that has been spewed on both sides this year-and-a-half. But we think Hillary and Bill gave a powerful symbolic message today in the most unexpected (and classy AF) way — their clothes. Sporting a purple shirt with a purple lapel and a tie, respectively, the Clintons were matching their attire to their words.
Purple has a lot of significance here, as it seems to point to a message of blurring party lines — our two-party system is represented by red and blue, after all. It was also, along with gold and white, an official color of the National Woman's Party and the suffragette movement.
So to bring a bit of levity to what has become a very divisive day, we want to piggyback on the Clintons' symbolic move and bring you some beauty-focused ways to show support for your country and for a unified nation.
Sure, wearing an eyeshadow or lip gloss to demonstrate peace might feel a bit trivial amid all the seriousness today, but we think there's nothing wrong with doing something small for yourself and creating a subtle, visual reminder that it's time we put all the craziness behind us and start looking forward. Also, purple is just a really badass makeup color. So there's that.
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