All Maggie Gyllenhaal Needs To Shade Trump Is A Jacket

Voters have been sporting their Election Day best, which means everything from pantsuits to suffragette white to unsanctioned candidate merch. Although, Maggie Gyllenhaal may have just won the #OOTD tag with her much more subtle — but on point — getup. To cast her vote in New York, the actress wore her "pussy jacket," which she shared on Twitter.
Gyllenhaal's cat ensemble is the brainchild of British designer Stella McCartney (who was also quite clear about where she stands on the American presidential election). She first donned this feline-themed coat in October, to the New York City Center Gala. Reports of a leaked Access Hollywood tape on which the Republican nominee uttered the now-infamous phrase that, um, refers colloquially to a woman's genitalia, dropped earlier that month. So, what better opportunity than Election Day to re-wear an incredibly cool jacket and make a great, topical outfit pun in one fell swoop?
You, too, can procure your own pussy jacket. It will cost you, though: Gyllenhaal's exact coat — called the Daria coat — retails for $1,860. We'll stick to her more wallet-friendly athleisure for now. Or, actually, can we borrow it?

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