Snake Found On Plane, Samuel L. Jackson MIA

When Snakes on a Plane hit theaters in 2006, audiences enjoyed the ludicrous movie safe in the knowledge that something like this could never, ever happen. How could a snake get on a plane? So silly! The TSA doesn't let us bring bottles of water past security — there's no way they'd ever let a motherfucking snake on a motherfucking plane. Oh, how arrogant we were.
On Sunday, a domestic flight in Mexico was found to be carrying an unwanted passenger that somehow snuck aboard (without a passport or boarding pass, no less). Carrier Aeromexico said that the snake was discovered during a flight from the city of Torreón to Mexico City, according to the Associated Press.

A bold passenger captured a video of the incredible incident, including the terrifying moment when the reptile dangled down from the ceiling into the plane's cabin. The footage is as scary as it sounds, so watch at your own discretion.
You'll be glad to know that, according to Aeromexico, the plane was fast-tracked to land in Mexico City, where the snake was "secured." The AP reports that the airline is currently investigating how the fuck this happened, or something to that effect. Meanwhile, people are reacting on Twitter and canceling vacations left and right.

The only loose end in this story: Where the hell is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

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