Why You Shouldn’t Just Be Voting For President

If you haven’t chosen which presidential candidate you’re voting for tomorrow, time is running out. But even if you’re sold on your top-ticket pick, Constance Wu still has a message for you. “Don’t forget — you also gotta get down with the down ballot,” the Fresh Off the Boat actress instructs as she grooves her way through the final election video from Humanity For Hillary. “Every single election listed under the presidential election is equally important to our future. From your local representatives to the U.S. Senate, down-ballot votes are where real progress gets made,” Wu explains. In the 2016 election, 34 out of 100 Senate seats, as well as all 435 House of Representative seats are up for re-election, plus offices in numerous state and municipal-level races. These races, particularly for congressional seats, could determine whether an incoming president has a cooperative legislative branch or not. The funky video is the last of an ongoing series from media campaign Humanity for Hillary, which has featured celebrities like Helen Mirren, Gabourey Sidibe, Daveed Diggs, Le Tigre, and more, all speaking out on why they’re supporting the Democratic candidate for president with wry and witty commentary. Some videos, like the one featuring a pantsuit-themed flash mob that took over New York’s Union Square in October, didn’t even need explanation. Humanity for Hillary’s Executive Director Laura Dawn, who also wrote and directed the video, explained it in a statement that could be applied to a lot of the campaign’s videos. “We might raise a few eyebrows and definitely crack a few smiles with this video, but if voters find themselves grooving to #GetDownWithTheDownBallot and voting blue all the way down the ballot, then our work here is done.” But Wu is laying it out, and then some. “Because we need President Hillary Clinton, Madam President, yes y’all, but we need a Congress that will work with her for progressive change instead of blocking her progress at every turn,” she says in the video, urging people to get out and vote, “all the way down…the ballot.”

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