Maddie Ziegler Looks Exactly Like Young Hillary Clinton

A group of astute Twitter users have pointed out that Maddie Ziegler bears a striking resemblance to the soon-to-be first female president of the United States. We all know that Ziegler's dance moves are on point, but it's possible that she's been hiding some serious leadership skills under that giant wig she wears with Sia. We'd say more, but let's just look at some pics, shall we?
Separated at birth! Or, indeed, possibly Hillary has created a clone of herself in the event that she's unable to win the presidency in this lifetime. Unforunately, her clone escaped the lab and became a dancing sensation and too famous to cover up. So now Hillary's clone plot has been foiled but she's going to be president anyways. Shocking that this hasn't been uncovered in the emails that everyone is sure will one day amount to anything other than a giant distraction. We can take this as further proof that Clinton and Ziegler are in the Illuminati. Little is known about the shadowy organization or its aims, but they control all of politics and entertainment. Our best guess is that it's a vast conspiracy to convince people that Tim Burton is a good director. Sinister.

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