Lauren Cohan Says Walking Dead Actors Feared Death By Negan

The Walking Dead went to insane lengths to keep the identity of the characters Negan kills in the season premiere a secret. We now know that he domed Abraham and Glenn. But there was a time when even the actors weren't so sure. That insight is courtesy Lauren Cohan, who spoke about her character death anxiety in a Wednesday interview on Live with Kelly. Cohan, of course, plays Maggie. "It was very touch and go. We had actually filmed everybody's ending, demise, so there was honestly like some thoughts sometimes 'well, if they change their mind they'll have it on tape.' But no, we sort of knew like at the end of last season what was going to happen, and had time to make our farewells and begin to cope with it." Of course, her death scene leaked recently and it was highly traumatic. But we get the sense that she'll be able to avenge Glenn's death by the time the season is out.

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