I Tried Sephora’s Latest Foot Peel — & Here’s What Happened

The members of the beauty team here at Refinery29 have — at one point or another — all professed our unifying disgust, fascination, and love for Baby Foot. You may remember it as the viral Japanese foot peel that's melted some of the toughest calluses on the internet (not to mention in my apartment), one epic, snakeskin-like sheet at a time. The shedding process isn't pretty, but my feet afterward always feel fresh-out-of-the-womb soft — and I've been comparing similar products to it ever since I first tried it. There's been no shortage of competitors, of course; we've seen our share of cheaper, gentler, and express versions. Still, for me, the OG formula reigned supreme. But when the new Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel landed on my desk, I couldn't help but notice that its ingredient list is almost identical to BF in terms of exfoliating acids, save a few like salicylic and citric. So — ever on the quest to find my latest sole mate — I decided to give it a go. (Much to the horror of my roommate, who promptly asked that I wear socks everywhere this time. Malarkey.) Here's how Boscia stacked up:

$20 — five bucks less than Baby Foot.

Where To Buy
Unlike BF, you don't have to scout Amazon or select Target stores for this one. It's readily available at any Sephora counter, or online. Ease Of Use
These booties are similar to the competitors: Slip the two gel-lined socks onto feet and let them sit for an hour to 90 minutes. (Tip: You can help the actives penetrate deeper by soaking your feet in warm water for 15 minutes first.) Both treatments feel slimy and cold, but the biggest difference is that Boscia doesn't provide you with any tape to tie the plastic together at your ankles — making moving around impossible. Peeling Power
I'd rate this a 3.5 out of 5. The big thing I remember about BF is how my feet went from completely normal to dried-up Elmer's glue in two days. This newer treatment, however, took a solid five before the peeling process began. When it did, though, I continued to find grossly satisfying bundles of skin in my socks for days. So it definitely worked, just not as fast — or to the same degree. Softness Scale
It's true that my feet didn't experience the parchment-paper level of shedding this time around, but the results could have fooled me. After day nine, my calluses looked completely reborn, and my heels were smoother than they'd been in months. Would I try it again? Hell, yeah. You really only need to go full-blown snakeskin once a year, and that's at the start of sandal season. As for every other time? This will get you as good as new.

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