You’ve Got To See This Clip From Last Night’s Samantha Bee

Photo: Courtesy of Ali Goldstein/TBS.
In last night's episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the host took on a growing issue: Russian trolls. Not the kind in the upcoming Dreamworks flick, but the kind that are paid to cause mischief online, and are reportedly interfering with the election. Bee traveled to Moscow to talk with two of these such trolls, and what she discovered was fascinating. "The reason I'm hired is to make simple people change their mind about their vote, and also about Russia," one masked individual tells Bee in a one-on-one interview. The woman says she masquerades online as a housewife from Nebraska. "I believe I'm doing something good, not just for Russia, but for Americans," she says later on in the segment. When Bee brings up the fact that trolls spread misinformation, which could be hurting our election, the masked woman says that such Americans are "lazy and believe everything they read." The other troll says that his job is to incite anger online, change people's minds, and silence discussions from the opposition. Wow. You can head to Bee's website here or watch the six minute clip yourself below.

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