These 8 Zen Dogs Will Help You Chill Out Instantly

Photo: Courtesy of HarperCollins.
It probably comes as no surprise that having a dog apparently does wonders for your mental health. But if you don't own a dog, just looking at a picture of a cute pup can be a therapeutic experience — or, at the very least, brighten up your day a little.
Should you need a little more zen in your life (and, let's face it — we all do, especially with this election), what better place to start than with a book that's literally titled Zen Dogs?
In her new book, award-winning animal photographer Alex Cearns captures dogs in their most blissed-out states, coming together in 80 pages of some of the most peaceful, serene photos you'll ever encounter. We may never be completely rid of stress in our daily lives, but we'll be damned if these photos don't make us feel a little more chilled-out.
Cearns writes, "As an animal lover, seeing blissful dogs always brings a smile to my face, and I know I'm not alone... Like the dogs in these photos and the canine companion on your couch, we all need to stop, take a break, and unwind."
Cearns is right — we all need to de-stress somehow, and if meditation isn't exactly your thing, a couple of cute pups are definitely worth a shot.
Go ahead and take a look ahead at some zen dogs who will inspire you to find your inner calm.

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