Anna Kendrick Thought Everyone At A Haunted House Was Hitting On Her

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty Images.
Anna Kendrick once again charmed us with a perfectly wacky story about how she thought everyone in the haunted house she visited in Los Angeles was hitting on her.
Sitting on Jimmy Fallon's couch on The Tonight Show, Kendrick explained that the house she went to was creepy-sexy and "because it's L.A., everyone's really hot...The actors in it were all really hot and they touch you and say stuff to you." This was after Fallon told his story about a haunted house where people hide under the floor and grab your ankles. (No, thank you!) "At a certain point I was like, uh...when are we kicking off this orgy?" she said. "What are we doing?" The star confessed to be a bit embarrassed afterward, as she went to say hello to the players in the scare troupe. "They were like, we weren't actually hitting on you. We're actors, you should know better!" Eek, now that's actually really scary.

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