Hillary Clinton To Hold Election Night Party In Very Symbolic Venue

Hillary Clinton is having a very nice 69th birthday. The Democratic presidential candidate has a huge lead in the polls, gave a confident and loose interview to The Breakfast Club, and is all smiles as America hopes that the end of the election tunnel is something other than the oncoming Trump Train. Here, look at her waving.
Another reason she has to smile is her election night venue. That's because she'll be holding her party in the Javits Center, which has the largest glass ceiling in New York City. The symbolism was not lost on the Twitterati.
Apparently the choice of venue is also a shot at Trump, who badly wanted the building named for his family. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Then again, those holding election night parties in glass venues shouldn't throw stones.
Hopefully the glass ceiling doesn't literally shatter, as that sounds expensive and dangerous. The event is streamable on hillaryclinton.com/live. But not, obviously, until November 8. Related Video:

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