The First Big iPhone 8 Rumor Is A Surprising One

Visage/Getty Images
We know, it seems like we just got the iPhone 7. And we did! But Apple likes to always keep us guessing what's next, and this latest rumor has definitely piqued our interest. Sources apparently spilled some beans to the Nikkei Asian Review about what's ahead for the smartphone, and it could mean a whole different model. While the iPhone 8 was already going to come in two sizes, 4.7- and 5.5-inch, Apple might also be selling a 5-inch model, good for those Goldilockses out there who couldn't decide between the two. This would be a new move for Apple, who started selling two different size models ever since the 6. Adding another shows just how much we love to customize our tech, or maybe more tellingly, how picky we can be when it comes to our other technological half. In addition to sizing, these sources confirmed earlier rumors that Apple is switching to a new glass front and back design (looking forward to having essentially two screens to potentially crack!). Other unconfirmed rumors, according to Mashable, warn a full redesign in honor of the smartphone's 10th anniversary, including the removal of the Touch ID home button. This is just the beginning. There are many more rumors ahead, and by the time it actually comes out, we'll probably be thinking about iPhone 10.

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