You Can Grow A Plant On Your Nail — Yep, That’s A Thing

Not long ago, succulents were humble plants, best for keeping atop your desk or gifting to a coworker. Cactuses and their kin were just low-maintenance flora for lazy gardeners. (Although, it should be noted, back in 2011, someone put succulents on stilettos.) Recently, though, the modest plants jumped from the flower pot to your nails — and you can now grow 'em on your digits. Yep, not just wear them; Australian artist Roz Borg actually developed a technique that allows the plants to live and thrive on your nail bed. "It's definitely a temporary green thumb," Borg told The Huffington Post. She uses Oasis Floral Adhesive, a glue specifically for plants, to attach them to the nail. After the glue loses its adhesive ability, you can plant the succulent normally. It sounds like this project is more of a one-off trial than a trend — it's not likely that we'll be seeing succulent manicures dominating the runways next Fashion Week. (But who knows? We did see flowery face masks, after all.) The manicure does look cool, though — see it in full below.

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