The Dirty-Hair Style You Need To Try If You Have Super-Long Hair

Most of us have had those weeks when we're just too tired, too busy, or too lazy to wash our damn hair. So we extend its life by a second day, or a third...or a fourth. But this doesn't necessarily mean we're pros at making our dirty hair look fabulous. We're always on the hunt for tips and tricks that will make our actually-woke-up-like-this styles a whole lot better — and there's no one better to teach us than Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. He's worked with a ton of our favorite actresses and actresses-turned-businesswomen (Olsen twins, we're looking at you), and is dry shampoo's biggest fan — so we knew we were in good hands. For a playful and easy look, we pulled a bit of inspo from Sofia Richie's double buns and got to work. Ashley's long, black-and-blond hair almost always stands out, and on days when she skips a shampoo, pulling it out of her face is a must. Townsend started, as always, with loads of dry shampoo, which he massages into the scalp to soak up oil. Then, he brushed back the hair and evenly divided it down the middle. With two one-inch pieces left out in front, he pulled back one side and wrapped it into a ponytail. "All you have to do is twist it into a bun," Townsend explains. Pro tip: Use your thumb to wrap the hair forward and around. Like tying a ribbon on a gift, this trick allows for more control over the style without missing any pieces. Then pin, pin, pin, until you get the shape you like and everything is secure. Once the two buns are secured, pull back the pieces you left out and twist them around the base of each bun. Remember all that dry shampoo you used before? It'll give you all the hold you need, so the look will stay up all day.

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