The Dirty-Hair Style You Need To Try If You Have Bangs

Most of us have had those weeks when we're just too tired, too busy, or too lazy to wash our damn hair. So we extend its life by a second day, or a third...or a fourth. But this doesn't necessarily mean we're pros at making our dirty hair look fabulous. We're always on the hunt for tips and tricks that will make our actually-woke-up-like-this styles a whole lot better — and there's no one better to teach us than Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend.

He's worked with a ton of our favorite actresses and actresses-turned-businesswomen (Olsen twins, we're looking at you), and is dry shampoo's biggest fan — so we knew we were in good hands. With a bit of inspiration from Elizabeth Olsen's half-up bun style, our staffer Courtney was left with a chic twist that's easier than it looks. Instead of opting for a messy topknot, try this look: It only requires the slightest bit more effort for a way bigger payoff. Townsend massaged dry shampoo into Courtney's scalp, letting it work its oil-soaking magic. Then, he went in with a double-barrel curling iron to enhance her natural waves before gathering her hair from the crown up in a tight twist. The more you twist, the stronger of a hold the bun will have, Townsend explains, before affixing it tightly at the back of her head with a couple of bobby pins. To finish off the look, he sprayed dry shampoo on a toothbrush and combed Courtney's bangs from the inside out. Instead of directly spritzing product onto her hairline, he used the toothbrush to help evenly distribute the product and maintain hold in the fringe. It'll take you less than 10 minutes to try tomorrow morning — and get you all the compliments.

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