Lyft's New Membership Passes Are Insanely Good Deals

Photo: Courtesy Lyft.
Deciding between Uber and Lyft is often an arbitrary decision. Unless one has a special weekly promotion in your city, rides from both tend to cost similar amounts, offer similar quality experiences, and provide similar ETAs. But Lyft's newest offering, announced today, might make you delete your Uber app for good — depending on where you live.

Beginning in November, Lyft is testing a new membership program for Lyft Line, the app's carpool service. Riders in six lucky trial cities — Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. — can opt for one of two kinds of passes.

If you buy Pass 1, you pay $20 up front each month, and only $2 for each Line ride. That's a pretty good deal, but Pass 2 is even better. For that, you pay only $29 flat, up front. That's it — one price for all your Lyft rides that month. You have unlimited free rides to work, the gym, happy hour, the movies, and wherever else you want to go. This means you don't have to deal with surges during rush hour and on Friday nights. You basically have a chauffeur for under $30. Not bad.

For now, the passes will only be available in those six cities for the month of November. But a Lyft spokesperson said that it's likely we'll continue seeing more testing and expansion of these pass deals moving forward. This is one membership whose value could seriously pay off.

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