Here’s Why So Many Of Your Favorite Sites Were Down This AM

If you had trouble getting Reddit, Spotify, or Twitter to load this morning, you weren't alone. According to Gizmodo, an attack on a major website provider led to an outage of at least 25 major sites. That provider is Dyn, an Internet performance company that helps to manage domain names for sites including Twitter, Netflix, TripAdvisor, and LinkedIn. Essentially, Dyn ensures that when you type in a URL and try to navigate to a website, everything performs as it should. A report on Dyn's status site said that the DDOS attack hit the East Coast around 7 a.m. this morning. The site issued an update about two hours later, saying that everything had been returned to normal. Now, when you try to go to Spotify, The New York Times, or Etsy, you shouldn't have a problem, but it's worth keeping this morning's outage in mind as the day moves on in case any issues persist — if the sites are especially slow or have trouble loading. While major internet outages like this aren't the norm, it does give us a look at how big of an impact one attack can have. Let's just pray that nothing like this happens to Netflix when November 25 (i.e. Gilmore Girls release day) rolls around.

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