The GOT Character That Launched 1000 Memes Is Coming Back

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
More freaking awesome news about Game of Thrones season 7 has arrived. Remember our friend Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon? The apple-cheeked sonny who befriended Arya on her travels? The poor lad who was almost sacrificed by Melisandre as a ritual sacrifice to the gods to help Stannis? And narrowly escaped with the help of Ser Davos? The handsome one who rowed away three seasons ago, and hasn't been seen ever since, and who inspired a splendor of memes in his extended absence? He's finally back, people.
Game of Thrones super-sleuths Watchers on the Wall report that actor Joe Dempsie has been spotted on the show's Spain set of Dragonstone — you know, where Gendry was furiously rowing away from the last we saw him. This isn't a total surprise, since Dempsie was spotted in Belfast last month, presumably en route to set. But we're thrilled to hear the news. Even if it means putting an end to the amazing flood of memes populating the internet since Gendry's disappearance.
Most fans are excited for the mild-mannered gent's return. "FINALLY GENDRY! YOU FINALLY STOPPED ROWING, BUDDY! GOOD FOR YOU" one fan tweeted. Others are laughing at the predicament he seems to have gotten himself back into after all this time, with one person writing, "the last time we saw gendry he was rowing his tiny little boat to escape and now he's back in dragonstone? lmao."
Tragically, we won't be seeing Gendry until next summer, when Game of Thrones returns. Until then, enjoy these memes... And just keep rowing.

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