You’re The Worst Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: I Will Fix You

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Now that Jimmy's got closure on his dad and their toxic relationship and Edgar's got weed, it's time to work on Gretchen's issues. Through the therapy storyline, we get a birds eye view into Gretchen's relationship with her mother, which was apparently involved locking her in her room without sheets and pillows if she lost a tennis match -- which Gretchen delusionally calls "baller ass bomb" behavior. Rather than tackle it head-on, though, Gretch opts to strike a deal with her therapist wherein she vows to fix all of her friends. Yeah, it is going exactly where you think it's going. Obviously, her therapist disagrees with this, which only hardens Gretchen's resolve. She starts with Jimmy, who is not writing his terrible erotic period novel with far too many mentions of the word moist and instead "playing, literally, the world's most boring [computer] game." She takes his router and that's one down. The ease with which this happens, because Jimmy truly has not a leg to stand on to justify his laziness, gives her a false sense of confidence about how easy it will be to fix everyone's problems. Except, as soon as she leaves he heads out to the Silverlake Reservoir. This problem remains unsolved and Jimmy sprains his ankle.
Cut to Lindsay and Paul -- the former is having sex with Raul while the latter watches and reads US Weekly aloud to them. Linds tells her problem to Gretch over pancakes the next day, Gretch explains that she's cuckolding Paul and tell her to take what she wants like a winner, calling her bossiness "material." Ooooookay. Lindsay takes her newfound knowledge to Paul, who goes way overboard and buys a cock cage to stop his erections while he watches her have sex with other men. It ends in injury and a "help me!" text to Gretchen, who finds this problem to be also not solved. When she finds Edgar making YouTube videos as Dr. Weed, she berates him for wasting his time for free and instead sets him up with a journalist looking to shoot a video on how weed is helping veterans. The guy turns the video into a pro-weed video that is not on message with what Edgar was saying at all. He's pissed to be turned into a pawn of their movement, rather than talking about alternative treatments for veterans. Problem: unsolved. In the end, Gretchen finds herself frustrated and gives in to the theraputic process. Finally.

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