You’re The Worst Season 3 Premiere Recap: A Promise To Try

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A new season means a big reboot for You're the Worst. While season two was widely praised for its realistic depiction of depression and a good mix of comedy and drama, the ratings took a nose dive. It also meant having Jimmy and Gretchen drift apart, which no one wants since they're the glue that holds the construct of this show together. So, after saying "I love you" to one another (and each getting that panicked look in their eyes about it) at the end of last season, we're back to square one. This is almost literally: season three picks up with Jimmy and Gretchen doing it in his bedroom, a total visual (and aural) callback to the first episode of season one. But not to worry, they are both still the worst when they have an argument about who has the floor with their orgasm and then ultimately come at the same time, probably for the first time in their lives. While those two are out of their relationship hell, Edgar and Lindsay are falling into hells of their own (seriously though, can they just get together this season?). Edgar is on new meds and can't get it up, but we know by the end of the episode and based on all of Dorothy's limp dick jokes that this relationship has about three more episodes before it gets flushed down the toilet. Just like Edgar's PTSD drugs. And apparently they didn't move into that super cute apartment with Dorothy, which goes completely unexplained. Lindsay discovers that being back together with her ex-husband is actually way worse than being on her own. We could have told Lindsay that getting back together with Paul would be hell on earth for her, it's amazing to think she didn't realize this before he bought them a subscription to Red Napkin, the food preparation subscription service that sounds a lot like Blue Apron and seems suffocating. Can't wait until she realizes having a baby is not a thing she wants to do. Oh wait, it probably happened right around the time Paul pointed out that she can't drink while she's pregnant and there will be no more surprises in life so she stabbed him in the side. This week's winner in the game of You're The Worst: Lindsay, by a landslide.
The highlight of the show is Gretchen arguing about the secret show with Sam, Shitstain, and Honey Nutz. Sam tells her not to publicize it: no celeb invites, no press or industry whispers, nothing. And then they flip out when no one shows up to The Smear (nice play on actual legendary L.A. music venue The Smell) to see them, including their superfan Bradley Cooper. Her solution is to hop into the storefront-pop-up church across the street and offer congregants money to come to the show, entirely in Spanish much to Jimmy's surprise (another thing he didn't know about her, along with the fun fact that she's never eaten a blueberry because "they're doll eyes"). This feat of capability done with the element of surprise earns her an "I love you" in return from Jimmy, who has been an emotionally stunted turd for the entire episode. Side note: we will be starting a Twitter poll about if you should or should not wash your legs. What are you, a sucker?

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