You’re The Worst Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: End Of An Era

Photo: Courtesy of FXX.
Sunday funday, better than a Monday! It's the (inevitable) return of Sunday funday, which Gretchen declares over in its current form because everyone is doing it. What the crew, including Jimmy, Lindsay, and Edgar don't know when they begin is that it will be the last Sunday funday. Rather than do their usual scavenger hunt, Gretchen finally convinces them (by lording her depression over everyone) to do a hunt for a speakeasy. As anyone who has ever been to a speakeasy knows, the final result will be disappointing but this time the trip there is surprisingly great. Jimmy, who objects the loudest (as always) solves most of the clues, from Dewey Decimal system to explaining what a cypher is to insisting that they break into a family's home, which ends with their arrest and eventual location of the speakeasy. Except the ragtime clue, which gave us some new insight into Lindsay's childhood. While all of this genuinely enjoyable storytelling is going on, some important things happen to our crew. Gretchen and Lindsay get into a fight, because Lindsay won't be herself around Paul (and won't stop mentioning him -- "Beetlejuice, bitch" as the appropriate reaction to your friend who won't stop saying her significant other's name should be printed in self-help manuals immediately). The battle of girl wills ends with Lindsay accepting that Gretchen is right and telling Paul she wants an open relationship. Of course, she did it in the worst possible way, ensuring that Paul is uncomfortable with it and their marriage is still continuing down its path to implosion. Edgar gets his hands on some of Sam's pot and discovers that it is a huge help with his PTSD, calming him down and taking the edge off his nerves. He proves it to himself by having the crew do unsanctioned immersion therapy and shoot bags full of fireworks at him. Still unresolved: his feelings about all the stuff Dorothy said about being glad he went off the drugs, despite his not telling her how that was affecting him. Gretchen and Jimmy stay on track to making each other happy, shockingly. If anything this episode, as well as the past two, ensure that the major conflict this season will surely come when one of them stops trying.

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