You’re The Worst Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Pop It Like A Pimple

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Last season Gretchen couldn't get away from her feelings, which ultimately triggered a deep depression. This season it seems Jimmy can't find his feelings. After Gretchen had to do some adulting in the last episode, telling Jimmy that his dad was dead, we wake up with the couple the next morning and find her bracing herself to face his sadness. But, it turns out, he doesn't feel anything at all (you know, after he pretends not to remember to scam her into a blowie because he's the worst). Gretch knows his reaction is off and takes the problem to her therapist, but she takes away the wrong message when she decides to "pop it like a pimple" rather than let him feel things in his own time — specifically so he won't cry when they go on the Pets of Instagram cruise. She takes him on a "tour of sad stuff" that brings up every emotion except sadness. They both get horny after they crash a funeral because, of course. Jimmy says he almost unlocks a feeling at a Color Me Mine-esque place when a dad walks out on his kid, but it dissolves when that kid turns out to be a total jerk. It feels like he's finally going to open the floodgates when Gretch takes him to an English pub and pretends to be his dad, yelling insults at him in a pretty comical British accent, but he just farts. When he is alone, later, and literally pulls his father's football kit (jacket) out of his closet and sniffs it, the show takes the opportunity to play with expectations in that way it loves to do. Gretchen thinks she finds Jimmy crying over it, only to find he's finally tapped into his feelings and what he feels is happy. Or at least, that's what he thinks. When he drops all of his dad's stuff into a drawer, closing it, it's a metaphor for what he's trying to do with his emotions. That drawer pops open just before the credits roll, because foreshadowing is fun. Sorry Gretch, but the tears he's going to poop out are coming on that cruise. Lindsay spends the day with Paul, Becca, and Vernon at a parenting class, where we find out she's a natural at being a mom. Watching Becca's face as she masters swaddling and diaper changing is priceless, while seeing Lindsay learn that she needs to invest in being a good parent is lovely. She manages to royally screw it up in the end, though, by trying to make out with a dude in the baby store after everyone leaves. So, not quite there yet but on the right path. As for Edgar, something is going on there. He goes to a VA appointment that clearly doesn't go well. We know this because the only shots from his life that day, include seeing him drinking in a skate park after it's all over. When this PTSD problem finally comes to a head, it's going to be an explosion. We're already watching the warning smoke bellow, but everyone is too self-obsessed to notice.

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