You're The Worst Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Jimmy Gets Closure

Photo: Courtesy of FXX.
It's the moment we've been waiting for all season: Jimmy finally deals with his dad dying. Not because he chose to, of course, but because in the midst of writing his absolutely garbage second novel (he gets hilariously exhausted after writing 7,000 words for the intro — a drop in the bucket), his sisters mailed their father's ashes to him and insisted he have a funeral. As you do when you're the worst. Jimmy's reaction to this package? He threw it out the front door, twice.

Gretchen talks him into doing it, leading to a public recitation of his father's handwritten obituary by an old guy friend. In said obit, his dad entirely rewrites history, taking credit for Jimmy's writing career. This drives Jimmy so bonkers that things end with dad's ashes scattered all over the front yard of some Bel Air home. But, he gets his closure.

Speaking of Gretchen, her subplot, wherein Ben Folds moves to L.A. and engages with her services, might seem like a throw-away, but it actually displays her mastery as a publicist and ability to read people. She's terrible at adulting but excellent at her job — something we don't often get to see about her.

Lindsay is also terrible at adulting. It seems her request last week to have an open relationship was less about polyamory and more about literally wanting her husband to become a cuckold and watch hot guys have sex with her. Paul is, understandably, not quite ready for that and requests a couples massage instead (oh Paul). But when he surprises her by calling the hot dude she'd requested and suggesting they live out her fantasy, she becomes the picture of marital bliss. The continuing problem here is that she's not addressing any of his needs, or even bothering to ask what they are. It seems like Lindsay doesn't just want an open relationship; she wants to be the center of the universe. It's not very couple-y.

And then there's Edgar. He's grappling with his newfound enjoyment of pot to distill his PTSD symptoms, but when he visits the VA he's told that getting a medical marijuana card could disrupt his benefits. Fact check: Congress has approved the use of medical marijuana for of a few months ago. Seriously! This wasn't allowed by the VA prior to June of 2016, which seems outrageous. On their website, though, the VA seems to still strongly discourage it. Clearly it is not easy being green.

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