This Dementor Drone Prank Is The Best Halloween News This Year

When Twitter user Zac Crueger's uncle got his hands on a drone, he did what any of us would do: He strapped a terrifying ghost to it and let that sucker rip. The ghost, which many think looks like a Dementor, was attached to a drone that was then flown around southern Wisconsin. The tweet Crueger posted quickly went super-mega-beyond viral, accruing over 150k retweets and more than 280k favs. Crueger says that his uncle Mike is a prankster, and that this specific prank was born out of boredom and a bad football performance. "Well my uncle was watching the Packer Game this weekend and they were sucking pretty bad so he decided to go mess around with the drone in the backyard" Crueger tells us via Twitter DM. "He's always been a prankster just not a viral or Internet one but he wanted to scare his daughters and people on Halloween so he thought of this idea!" Crueger's uncle initially pranked his neighbors. He lives in the country, so there aren't many of them. "He said he sent it to his neighbors house (who he's good friends with) and he heard a loud scream...then someone yelled, 'Oh that's just Mike,'" Crueger tells us via Twitter DM. Apparently, a video will be on its way soon. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the glorious Dementor drone. And feast your ears on the upcoming hip-hop album from Crueger and collaborator Dimillio.

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