This Character’s Return To Pretty Little Liars Is A Pretty Big Spoiler

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After spending Season 7A suspiciously MIA, one very shady character is returning to Pretty Little Liars for the show's final 10 episodes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Torrey DeVitto, who plays all-around question mark Melissa Hastings on the series, will make her triumphant return to the show during Season 7B. Could she be the show's ultimate baddie? The final season is certainly one of homecomings, with seemingly every PLL rando under the sun returning. (What's up, Pastor Ted?!) What's surprising about the DeVitto news, however, is that showrunner I. Marlene King admitted that making DeVitto's schedule with series Chicago Med work with PLL was a struggle — so much so that it seemed like her return might not happen. Despite the scheduling conflicts, King did say that she was hoping to get DeVitto back for the finale — the very same finale in which elusive villain A.D. would be unmasked. Hmm... is this a clue that Spencer's big sister is the person tormenting the Liars this season? Melissa certainly has the shady persona capable of being the Liars' worst enemy. Let's consider all of the things that Melissa has done during her time in Rosewood: she faked her own pregnancy, aided Detective Wilden in Garrett's ghost train murder, and buried Bethany Young alive. Instead of answering for any of these things, Melissa bailed to London when things got hard — or did she? Perhaps the fact that she has been so strategically absent has just as much to do with her sneaking around as A.D. as it does DeVitto's Chicago Med schedule. After all, Melissa is smart, conniving, and a master manipulator — which means she has a lot in common with the current A. We'll have to wait until Pretty Little Liars makes its own return in April 2017 to see what Melissa's deal is, but this character certainly deserves all of our suspicions.

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