These Weed-Infused Caramels Will Make This Halloween Your Chillest Yet

Just in time for Halloween, the EZ Baked kitchen brings you some very creepy — and chronic — treats. These caramel candies are delicious, seasonally appropriate, and real crowd-pleasers. We highly recommend rounding up your favorite witches, goblins, and ghouls to enjoy them with you. What's more? They are relatively simple to throw together. Our Kooky Chronic Caramels are made with quick cannabutter, which only takes 45 minutes to prep. Just fire up the stove and get things simmering. This recipe may still take an entire afternoon, but trust us, these will make your Halloween party stand out for sure. Watch the video above for more info and check out the recipe below. It makes more than enough for you to share, though it goes without saying that these are exclusively for grown-up trick-or-treaters. Take extra care when storing them. It's time to get spooky, friends.
Kooky Chronic Caramels
Makes 50-75 candies

Quick cannabutter:
1/8th oz chronic
1 stick salted butter
Optional: 1 tbsp soy or sunflower lecithin (available at health-food stores) Kooky Chronic Caramels:
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 cup water
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/4 tsp salt, plus salt for garnish
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
Cooking spray (or you can use butter)
Also need: parchment paper, wax paper, candy thermometer

For the quick cannabutter: 1. Melt the butter. 2. Add the weed and the optional soy or sunflower lecithin. (Lecithin acts as an emulsifier. It increases the potency of the cannabutter.) 3. Cook on low heat for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Don't let it boil. If your stovetop is too hot, use a diffuser or stick it in the oven at 240ºF for 45 minutes. 4. Strain through cheesecloth. For the Kooky Chronic Caramels: 1. Line an 8 x 8 dish (or similar) with parchment paper. Spray with cooking oil. 2. Add the melted cannabutter, heavy whipping cream, and salt to a pan. 3. Stir and set aside. 4. In another pot, add 1/4 cup of the water, the corn syrup, and the sugar. Pro tip: Pour sugar in the center. Don't get any on the sides of the pot. If you do, use a clean brush or rubber spatula to scrape it off. Otherwise, it could burn and you'll need to start over. 5. Stir gently. 6. Turn the flame to medium-high. Do not stir. 7. When the temperature hits 300ºF, turn flame off immediately. 8. Whisk in the cream mixture, turning the flame up to medium-high. Do not stir. 9. At 245ºF to 250ºF, be ready with the vanilla and parchment-lined dish. 10. Turn flame off. Quickly stir in the vanilla, tapping out any air bubbles. 11. Pour into the parchment-lined dish. 12. After 20 minutes, salt that biz. 13. Cool for 2-3 hours before chopping it up. 14. Twist 'em up in squares of wax paper.
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