Kendall Jenner Says She Loves Having Her “Tits Out”

Kendall Jenner doesn't seem worried about getting older — after all, she'll always have modeling photos of her younger self as reminders of her carefree teenage years. "I'm weird, I love my tits being out," Jenner said in an interview with W magazine. "It's my thing, I guess. I'm young! When I'm older I want to look back at it and say, 'I looked good.'"
She won't just look back on this era as the time she let her breasts feel the breeze. She also considers this the beginning of her path to world domination. "My little sister and I are 'baby bosses,'" Jenner explained. "We are like, basically on our way to rule the world."
Though she easily admitted her girl crush (Angelina Jolie), her teen crush was harder to place; she eventually came up with Justin Bieber, though she admitted she doesn't have his picture hanging on her wall. Jenner also indulged the magazine in a display of her little-known talent. The reality star can make spot-on bird calls. If this whole modeling thing doesn't work out, she could definitely have a future in voicing sound effects.

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