Watch Hillary Clinton On Snapchat — For 48 Hours Only

If you go to Snapchat's Discover section today, you'll see a surprising face. Just a day before the third and final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton is appearing on an episode of the app's original show, Good Luck America.

This funny political channel, which Snapchat launched in January, gives an inside look at the candidates and the people around them on the path to Election Day. In this five-minute episode, which you can watch in its entirety or tap through in typical Snapchat style, host Peter Hamby interviews Clinton about her childhood and college life. While he also touches on Donald Trump's early life, including his time at military school, Hamby notes that Trump declined to be interviewed for the show. That's not a total shock given Trump's outspoken distaste for the media — and SNL.

In the Good Luck America episode, Clinton talks about her early career dreams (journalism, you say?), Friday and Saturday nights at Wellesley ("I went to lots of dances — we called them mixers in those days"), and why she switched to being a Democrat after growing up in a Republican family. The show also features interviews with her childhood best friend and one of Trump's classmates.

Go to Snapchat Discover to watch the entertaining clip, which will only be live today and tomorrow. Then, check out Refinery29's Discover channel to read an exclusive piece from Clinton.

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