We Had Two People Argue About Whether The Kardashians Are Good Or Evil

Photo: Courtesy of E! Entertainment.
Be honest: Do you keep up with the Kardashians?
It's a question that almost always triggers two very different responses. Either you're a mega-fan, impressed by their hustle and into their aesthetic, or you think that they're the worst of America's obsession with celebrity: vapid, narcissistic, and dumb. Sure, there are the in-betweeners. But on the internet, there are only two camps: Kardashian lovers or Kardashian haters.
It's fascinating that one family can simultaneously inspire so much vitriol and affection. So we decided to pick the brains of a Kardashian lover and Kardashian hater: Refinery29 senior fashion editor Erin Cunningham spoke about her appreciation for the Kardashians while Refinery29 UX & product designer Sarah Azpeitia spoke about her distaste for the family.
The rules were simple: We sent both women questions on a range of Kardashian-related issues—that included their relationships, their status as influencers, their feminism, and obsession with fame. The end result was an insightful look at why people love and hate this family.
Ahead, the opinions of two women who love and loathe the Kardashian family.

Editor's note: These answers have been edited for length and clarity.

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