What If Robb Stark Returns To Game Of Thrones As A Zombie?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
With many months to go until the summer 2017 premiere, there's not much Game of Thrones fans can do but wildly speculate about what season 7 will bring. Does Jon Snow have Targaryen blood? Is Khal Drogo back again? (Please HBO gods, please.) Might Jon Snow marry Sansa Stark? Will Robb Stark return from the dead as a zombie-avenger to help Jon and Sansa take back Winterfell and seek payback for his own (and his mother Catelyn's) murder at the Red Wedding? Just a thought.
The zombified-Robb Stark theory is an exciting one, and every bit as outlandish as it sounds. It's true that Robb's death was a gruesome one: He was shot by arrows, stabbed in the heart and beheaded before his headless body was sickly paraded around. But as Bustle points out, we've heard mentions of Robb Stark throughout the season, and that he actually appeared in one of Bran's visions. Plus, it's rooted in a plot twist that has yet to emerge in the series: Catelyn Stark returns from the dead as the vengeful, fearsome Lady Stoneheart. Also, let's remember: Jon Snow also looked pretty dead at one point.
The actor who plays Robb, Richard Madden, told The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn't know anything about it and is happy with his character's story arc. "Robb Stark had such a great storyline, three seasons where he had this great start, middle and end to his character, and it set up such a great purpose to the show up to that point," he said. But he also mentioned that HBO and the Game of Thrones showrunners have a tendency to keep things top-secret until the very last second — even for the actors. "I suppose I wouldn’t have [gotten] the phone call, because they’re very secretive about everything, unless you get some of the cast drunk and they’ll tell you what they are doing." Sounds like it's time for Mr. Madden to crash the Ireland set and buy some of his former costars a pint. Or three.

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