What We Learned From The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Casting Notices

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
We're not getting any new Game of Thrones episodes for a long, long time. Filming for season 7 hasn't even started yet, and last month HBO confirmed that the series won't return until summer 2017. As far as what's in store when it does, we're largely in the dark — George R.R. Martin hasn't written that far ahead.

But we can always count on Thrones news community Watchers on the Wall to bring us the latest production updates. And this week, they've delivered some top-notch spoilers in the form of casting news. WOTW obtained character descriptions from casting notices recently posted by HBO — and it sounds like season 7 will introduce us to some intriguing new people.

There are, unsurprisingly, a lot of middle-aged white men on the list. We can also expect to see a good amount of combat. Here's what we learned about the new cast of characters thanks to WOTW's expert snooping.
A Haughty General
GoT is looking for a white actor aged 40-55 to play a senior military officer. He'll need to use a British RP accent (or typical, recognizable English accent). According to WOTW, this accent often indicates that the character is upper-class and hails from King's Landing.
A Respected Priest
The show is looking for another white actor using an RP accent to play a priest with "moral authority and gravitas," as well as a "characterful face." He's likely to be a minor character, since the actor will only shoot for a week.
A Tough Warrior
The actor playing this role needs to know how to execute fight scenes. The character is "a tough-looking bruiser with the attack skills of a pit bull." The show is looking for a white actor (noticing a theme here?) with a "non-posh" English accent.
A Witty Gate Guard
He is described as a "confident, characterful, straight-talking Northern lad" who has "wit, timing, and charisma." To be played by a 20-something-year-old.
A Vigilant City Guard
The show is looking for an actor in his 30s who can do an RP accent to play this guard, who "intercepts a suspicious-looking person on his nightly patrol."
An Exotic Merchant
The show needs a character actor in his 40s for the non-fighting role of a merchant who appears at an inn. The actor's appearance and race are more flexible, which WOTW notes could suggest that the scene takes place in Essos or another place where viewers haven't spent much time.
A Sexy Courtesan
Of course, the show is looking for an attractive actress who is comfortable with full nudity to play an "attractive young courtesan who is sure of her own mind." Again.
A Hot Young Lord
A white actor in his late 20s with an RP accent is needed to play this handsome character.
A Disciplined Lieutenant
The description mentions an athletic-looking, nonwhite actor in his late 20s, possibly of Middle Eastern descent — all of which WOTW says is the hallmark of a Dothraki warrior.

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