Khloé Kardashian On Why Losing A Friend Is Harder Than A Breakup

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
When we think of breakups, we usually think about the dissolution of romantic relationships. But sometimes, our worst breakups are with our friends. Khloé Kardashian would know.

"It's SO much worse than breaking up with a guy!" she wrote on her app, launching into a personal story about ending a friendship.

"It was a completely one-sided relationship," she explained. "I ultimately decided to end our friendship because I only believe in mutual friendships and this one was far from that. The main issue was that she was someone that could never be alone and yet wouldn't be there for me when I needed her. So whenever I had an event or function, she was never there to support me."

That sounds like a very valid reason, but it didn't make it easy. "After the breakup, I went through withdrawals of missing her and being depressed, because I was used to calling her all the time," Kardashian remembers. "But then, I was like, What am I really missing?"

She said they're on "cordial" terms now, though they're no longer close. Kardashian also acknowledged that while they weren't compatible, the other woman has new friends now and their dynamic seems to work out.

"The breakup was for the best, because sometimes, you've gotta get rid of the people who don't support you like you support them!" she concluded.

It's not surprising that Khloé was able to handle this like a boss, since she's full of relationship wisdom. In May, she said via her website that getting over a breakup is easier if you "consume your thoughts with productive things" and "surround yourself with friends and family that you love."

Whether you're trying to get over an ex or a friend, that's solid advice.

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