Everything You Need To Know About This Weekend’s Extra Special Hunter’s Moon

Photo: Getty Images.
September's Harvest Moon gets the glory of signaling the start of fall (and sweater weather). But experts believe that this weekend's Hunter's Moon, the first full moon after the autumnal equinox, will appear even bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. What makes this moon so special? It's a supermoon, or a full moon that is closer to the earth's orbit. According to EarthSky, this can make the moon look larger and more orange to the naked eye, especially when you look for it rising after sunset on Saturday night, when it will be closer to the horizon. The moon won't reach its peak fullness, though, until 12:23 a.m. EST this Sunday. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that Native American tribes called this moon the Hunter's Moon because they would use its light to hunt and start preparing for colder winter months. With its orangey-red hue, though, we think it could very well be called the pumpkin spice moon. You can catch a full livestream of the moon's rise at slooh.com beginning at 7 p.m. EST on Saturday. Throw on some flannel and heat up the apple cider while you're at it.

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